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Artist: Tiziano Ferro

Universal Prayer (feat. Jamelia)  (51)

En algun idioma

I'm just the same as you
I could be the same age too
Do the same music you do

No matter what separates us
The same stars we see at night
No matter what's up against us
Still gonna have dream burning right

I believe we fear what we don't know
We can be our own enemy
But if you concord and
If you tock my hand
I see a girl, you see a man

Everybody has the same dream
A dream in their heart
Get a chance to make a life
Love somebody they want
Open your eyes, we're all the same
We won't be scared
So let's sing together now
Na,na,na, this universal prayer

I see the smoking light
That complicates the simple life
I'm here and you are there
Miles away

All you gotta do is believe
That anything you want you can reach
There's no limit to what we can be
So, open your mind
And set yourself free



And in this dream I have at night
That I don't understand the world at all
You might be right but it seems to me
That we've come to fight too far

Cause I believe that fears
I try to save our souls
And hardest time will come
And all this pain will go
So try to understand
The precious things I've said
Every woman, every man


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