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Artist: N´Sync

Love Is In Our Hearts On Christmas  (21)

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I know great distance turned a wedge
Between us
But this could be sent to hold on
It's the happiest time of year
Filled with laughter and good cheer
As you watch the snow
Sweet love you hear me say
You've got my heart on Christmas
Inside my soul your love remains
Love's in our hearts on Christmas day

The days and weeks and months go by
So slowly
We are both wishing in the sky
As the night begins to fall
Twilight drowns the better cheer
So trust you joy
And love it comforts me
And I like to believe

Love's in our hearts on Christmas
Though far apart
As one we pray
Love's in our hearts
On Christmas day

Snowflake melts in you eye
It turns to a tear
But you cheek it stays dry
With you warm smell so near
I have no fear
We're going to make it

Love's in our hearts
Love is in our hearts
On Christmas day

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