Song Lyrics

Artist: Kendrick Lamar

Beyonce  (93)

in English

Man.. Beyonce.. Im mad at you.. Man

They say hello (ay).. Hello (ay)
I can day dream about beyonce all day
Thinkin about the good times before she met Jay
See ya know
They say hello (ay).. Hello (ay)
I really thought I had a chance to be your man
Until I seen the video with a ring on your hand
It hurt me so

[Verse 1 - Kendrick]
I remember you were 16 on the tv screen with wyclef
Were you my type? Oh God yes, I was impressed
You was like no no no
I was like 12 years old
Hoping that one day I could chaperone while you were on the road
You wore braids with a bangin body
Look like you did pilates
Alot of sit ups probably
But bump that I was there from the start
Even When Latoya Luckett and that other doo doo bucket broke your heart
Hope you didn't cry cuz honestly they were just so-so , they couldn't sing anyway you deserve to go solo
No disrespect to Kelly and Michelle I'm just sayin they cool.. But you ? You are somethin like Wonder Woman
And I just wanna hold your hand, bring you to Compton Gonzolas park we can build castles in the sand
Eatin hot cheetos with pickle juice in it
Put that napkin down you know ill lick your fingers when your finished


[Verse 2]
I just bought the Sasha Fierce cd
Gazed at the cover for a whole 5 minutes until my girlfriend hit me
She jealous of you cuz I don't love her like I love you
I even make her do the "uh oh uh oh" just like you do
She tell me im obsessed
I tell her we connect
Like Ice Cube way before the Mac 10 feud
Shes like you god damn fool that girls rich and your broke
I said so! I'm only 500 mill away theres still hope !
Anyway, I had feelings even way before you got paid
And I didn't laugh when you busted your ass on stage
And I salute Kanye for takin up for you
I would of stole the award just to prove that I love you
But Jay shoulda did that
I thought he had your biz-ack
What happened Mr. Izzo, Hopico, Fredrico
He used to be my favorite
Until he abandoned my diva
But now I tell every body that Nas killed him on "ether"

[Hook 2]

[Verse 3]
Im'a sneak back stage on a Mary J Blige concert with an "I love Mary" shirt
Then find Jay-Z and push him into a dancer
Hopefully they lock lips
Thats when I say "Sounwave! Hurry up take da pic!"
Put it on Bossip the same night
Yeah that sound quite right
Publicity like that? Yep they'd be sure to fight
Better yet I'mma steal her cell call up Affion
He impersonates Jay well
Put Beyonce on the line and make up some bogus shit
Like "You dont rub the back of my knees right so this marriage is over with and the ring thats on my finger. Guess what? Im throwin it *cling* .. And you heard the sound so you know I did."
Hahaa that should get em
That should break em up like a Kit Kat when I do dat yeah true that
Ima put the plan in motion, that's for sure
But if I end up with Macy Gray than this plan didn't work

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