Song Lyrics

Artist: Kali Uchis

Pablo Escobar  (176)

in English

Yeah, uh huh
You know, you know
You know, you know

Everybody wants it
Everybody's waiting
Baby you should know
That you're everything I'm craving
Can we take it slow?
Telling myself to be patient
Life is miserable
Every time the time is wasted
You're just like a drug

Can I be your pablo escobar?
Take it across the borders
Reach me on my cellular
You know you ain't regular
You don't need a metaphor
Psychedelic visions
Honey raising up my temperature

Keeping me so high
Anything but typical
Told me let you worry
'Bout the annual residuals
Worry 'bout the physical
Boy we're going digital
I'm your little angel
Baby boy we're going biblical

Taking me higher, higher
Taking me higher, higher
Keeping me high, high, high

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