Song Lyrics

Artist: Almighty

Little Lost Sometimes  (44)

En algun idioma

Emptiness inside my soul
Feelings scattered all around
I need somewhere to lose myself
But everywhere has been found
Sad eyes staring out the window
Tequila tears come raining down
And pain comes to leave you cold
So many miles between us and
So many endless roads


We're all searching for deliverance
When there ain't nowhere to run
Let your spirit down easy
Cos we're always gonna be
A little lost sometimes

And when there's nothing to believe in
Sometimes these words are not enough
And promises, so hard to keep them
It's hard to feel what you can't touch
Yesterday is yesteryear
Spirits bleeding into dust
Give me time to understand
This pretty thing that we call love


What is this feeling rising over me
I might look alright but I'm scared as hell
The more I know the less I understand
Put me together before I fall apart again


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