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Artist: 50 Cent Biography of  50 Cent

It Ain´t A Game  (33)

in English

Im thirteen years old
Never go close 2 da stove
Da ice im mah neck makes me cold
Shot one nigga made him bold
Did surjery on his left leg catch me brodz
Ill be runnin 4 days tell u makke me fall
Down south is wurr im from so welcome all
Loud mouth gurls is dolls
j-snapz got gurls like mase
mah crew get it on, and we spark up da place
like fat joe said niggaz who F*** wit mah crew get a scare on da face
check da bace
flipset winin da race
get it straight
aint buck but like da cash
think about bein filthy and 4get da past
uptown fountain head is wurr im at

see da clickz hit da bitch
hit da nigga in his leg or kill da snitch
its bout time I get RESpect
dis text
shot cuz im bistressed
shot at da witness
glock dis shit
put ur head out da window and wistle a bitch
Go! Snitch! Dip! Btich!

Now by da bar sippin drinks
2 da left side is lil blings
damn nigga ur gurls watchin me
look at da watch its 10:30
scoop up da bitch
Im thirteen but on da block im wurthey
Kells cant hurt me
She flirts B
Shinin so much they cant see me
Niggaz use ta say im black but now im gleesy
1 year in da game da rapperz need ta seeeze me
Dis aint no game
We bout ta dip cuz its da same
Yea through it up,through it up


Again or wen
Gurls dat im wit luv ta see me spend
Im thirteen but im in dat 2007 benz
Livin like 50, jay-z and kanye west
I move like won of da best
But if a nigga trip FLIPSET! I gotta let him rest


flipset ceo halla bac kid u noe

Beat fades

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